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I was born in the autumn of 1984 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Eight months later, my family moved to Jeddah, where I lived until the fall of 2013 to pursue my higher education (PhD) studies in Britain. Since then, I’ve been on the move between U.K and K.S.A, till I complete my PhD in God’s willing, or as we say in Arabic: in shaa Allah 😉

I go back  to the time I chose social science as my path in high school*, then my beloved field: sociology, as the major for my bachelor’s and master’s. I always knew that applied science (e.g., math, physics) is not my cup of tea.

Today, although my PhD is not directly within the department of sociology, but media and communication, as Zygmunt Bauman once said: “Sociology is the queen of science” (Network, Magazine of the British Sociological Association, Spring 2017,p.32). I consider what I’m doing as Digital sociology, to draw a line between social media platforms as technologies, and sociology as the practices of human-beings on these spaces!

What will you find in this blog? Well, books, theatre, academic stuff and .. A flower from every meadow, I guess 😉

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(*) In Saudi Arabia we choose between two paths by the end of the 1st year of high school, science (3elmi) or social and humanities (Adabi, as from literature)


updated 30 April 2018